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Growing from within is the key to Succes

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Building a team from a group of people

Creating the same Company goal

Changing the limiting beliefs and non supportive habits

Creating awareness in attitude and communication

Will lead to the Results you want
in your Life and Company.

Organize your
Life & Business

When we want to organize our life and business, we have to start dreaming again and define a new goal for ourself and our team. Something you have never done before, a goal which helps you and the company grow. Make it a big goal, small goals have no magic.

Leadership embodiment

In order to find the leader within us, we have to get to know ourselves better. The approach of the Switch to Results is unique because of the fact that we combine coaching with therapy. We can teach people a lot and when we don't address the underlying issues, teaching eventually won't help.


Switch to Results sponsors

We donate 10% of our profit to projects in deveoping countries.
And already realized:

• A house for a widow with 4 kids.

• A big watertank for a NGO.

• A Medical Center for Widows and Orphans.

• A LIbrary for Kids.

You can donate too at Paypal:

Please take a look at our FB page: 4 u we care



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Trained & inspired by


Seminar with Mr. Les Brown, the worlds most inspirational speaker.


Meeting Michelle Mone. She came from far and is now  female  tycoon at the head of Ultimo brand & empire worldwide.

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